Programming Exercise I: An Online Bookstore Using a Relational Database
(Industry-Level, Second-to-None Comprehensive Specifications)

Absolutely no copying others’ works

Development Requirements
When start developing the exercise, follow the two requirements below:

Soft Due Date and Submission Methods
Due on or before Monday, October 01, 2018 in class and have completed the following tasks: The purpose of exercises is to make you practice what you have learned, so no penalty will be applied if submitted after the due dates. However, you may lag behind if you are not able to submit them by the due dates.

Note that you are allowed to use any languages and tools for this exercise, but the exams will focus on JDBC and Oracle technologies unless otherwise specified.

Database-driven web sites are a must for companies nowadays. This exercise has students design and implement a simple database-driven online gamestore by using Oracle 12c, an object-relational database, from the ground up.

The gamestore includes the following features:
  • The data of a game includes
    • a unique ASIN (10 characters),
    • a title,
    • a list of developers, and
    • a price.

  • The data of a developer includes
    • a unique ID (assigned by the system automatically),
    • a name, and
    • a list of games developed by him or her.

An Example of Web Page Display
Note that this example is not related to this exercise. It is only to show how to display web interfaces.

The following features will be considered when grading: