***************************************** Android Developer ************************************************

-------------------- Android --------------

疯狂Android讲义 第3版

Professional Android 4 Application Development

Beginning Android 4 Application Development

Mobile Communications

Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals

***************************************** Java Full Stack Developer ************************************************

-------------------- Angular --------------

Angular 2 Cookbook

Begining Angular 2 with Typerscript

Switching to Angular 2

Angular 2 By Example

Angular 4 Pocket Primer

Angular From Theory To Practice

ng-book The Complete Book to Angular 5

Learning Angular A Hands-On Guide to Angular 2 and Angular 4

Pro Angular

-------------------- React Redux --------------

React in Action

Pro React

Reactjs Essentials

React Up & Running.pdf

ReactJS by Example-Building Modern Web Applications with React

Learning React 1st edition

Learning React-Functional Web Development React and Flux

-------------------- Java Web --------------

Java Web从入门到精通

Java Web开发实战1200例(第I卷)

-------------------- Spring --------------

Getting Started Spring Framework

Spring in Action 5th Edition

Spring in Action 4th Edition

Spring in Action 3rd Edition

-------------------- Spring AOP --------------

AspectJ in Action 2nd Edition

Foundations of AOP For j2EE Development

-------------------- Spring MVC --------------

Mastering Spring MVC 4

Spring MVC Beginner's Guide Second Edition

Spring MVC Designing Real-World Web Applications

-------------------- Spring Boot --------------

Spring Boot in Action

Learn Microservices with Spring Boot

Beginning Spring Boot 2 Applications and Microservices with the Spring Framework

Learning Spring Boot 2.0 - Second Edition

Spring Boot Cookbook

-------------------- Hibernate JPA --------------

Java Persistence with Hibernate-Revised Edition of Hibernate in Action

Hibernate in Action

Beginning Hibernate 4th Edition

Beginning Hibernate 3rd Edition

Harnessing Hibernate

Hibernate Search in Action

Hibernate Recipes A Problem-Solution Approach

-------------------- Struts 2 --------------

Struts 2 in Action

Practical Apache Struts 2 Web 2.0 Projects

Struts 2 Design and Programming A Tutorial

The Struts Framework

A Laboratory Course in CPLUSPLUS Data Structures

Beginning DirectX 9